Five Things

Every week I am going to try and find five things that made me happy this week (when you have bipolar this can sometimes be hard).

Five Things That Made Me Happy This Week

1. It was my birthday. While I don’t enjoy getting older (or having Facebook memories remind me that two years ago I had a boyfriend who got me nice presents and now I don’t) I do enjoy my birthday. Mainly because I get to eat cake for breakfast and drink a lot of gin. And yes, I did have Collin and Connie the caterpillar cakes. When you get older you just want to be a kid again. 

2. I got to see the guy I like. True, I saw him on my birthday so I was swiftly reminded he is three years younger than me and I was very drunk. Still, I got to see him and his beautiful face. I hope to see more of him (in both meanings *wink wink*) very soon. Just not as drunk this time. 

3. I’ve finally perfected my brownie recipe. After three years and many many failed attempts at making the perfect brownie. I swiftly ate six and felt very sick and fat. 

4. My grandpa remembered me. Sadly he’s very sick with dementia and doesn’t always remember who anyone is. When I saw him at the weekend he remembered both my name and the fact it was my birthday. It was lovely. 

5. I saw so many cute dogs this week. Dogs always make me happy.
Five Things That Sucked (because sometimes life does suck)

1. Performance reviews at work. Please do not fire me. I am broke and my cat needs new shoes. 

2. I spent most of an evening flirting with my ex. Even though he broke my heart about a year and a half ago he is still in my life. I could have done better things with that evening than flirt with him but I didn’t. I judge myself a lot for it.

3. My diet has gone out the window. I blame birthday cake and biscuits. 

4. My dog is still eating all my underwear. Clean or dirty, she does not care. I can’t keep buying fancy pants to replace the ones she digests.

5. The state of the country is basically shit. I can’t keep turning on BBC News and wallowing in the misery that is the UK but I do. 

6. It was supposed to be five but it turned into six. There was no new episode of The Bachelorette because of sport (I don’t know which one because I simply don’t care) and I’ve spent all week missing it terribly. Yes it is trash TV but I still love it. Rachel is amazing and Peter is a babe. Luckily I have podcasts to keep me sane. 


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