What The Hell Am I Talking About?

Whenever you stumble across a blog you wonder what the are main things you’ll be reading about. Well here’s a lovely little list so you know what to expect from me:

  • Talking about mental health. I’ll go more in depth over time about my mental health struggles as well as talking about the current state of mental health. A lot of focus will be on depression, bipolar and anxiety but I’ll also talk the wide range of mental illnesses out there and how to cope. 
  • Relationship bullshit. This is mainly because my friends are sick of hearing about relationship drama so I need a place to vent. 
  • Thinking you don’t have your shit together while everyone does. This is my whole life really. 
  • The current shit state of the country. The UK is a mess. I like ranting about it. 
  • A whole boatload of stuff. I will basically end up writings about whatever comes to my head. 

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