They say inside everyone there is a novel waiting to be written. There’s about seven novels inside of me and none of these will ever be finished. There is also some gin, cheese and probably more coffee than any human would drink.

I am a twenty-five year old failed drama student turned bartender turned ‘I don’t have a fucking clue what to do with my life’. I’m currently in a teeny tiny village in the middle of England. How tiny you ask? We only have one food shop and it never sells lasagne sheets despite me complaining…more than once.

I got a very useless drama degree in Birmingham that I’ve done nothing with. Blogging has always been something I have wanted to delve into and now I finally feel like I have the time (and the life experience) to waffle on about stuff.

Why Gin and Wings? Well I love a good G&T and I have a rather big obsession with birds. Not all birds mind you. Swans, geese and pigeons can fuck off. Sparrows, owls and swallows are chill, they can hang.

By reading this blog, you will soon learn that nothing is off topic, I have the mouth of a sailor and that I drink an awful lot of coffee (I have an almond milk latte in front of me as I write this)

Stay beautiful people and do something that scares you every day (mine is normally talking to people or walking near a pigeon).